Quick Start Guide

Send an event and validate your setup

1. Contact support@datasnap.io to get your API Keys, Project_id’s and Organization_id’s

You will receive an API Key and secret:

apiKey.secret = FFg1PobmXouTBypaMnJRZHzcYFriDYpr-(&&&+=YTHU

and a minimum of one organization_id and project_id

organization_id = ^&HHSTHDG**&6%%5HHYUU
project_id = IOSYUHHRS

2. Base64 encode the key and secret

You can use this Linux command to do create this base64 string:

                echo -n "APIKey:APISecret" | openssl base64

3. Send a test ping to the service

Send the organization_id, project, and venue in the ping below along with your encoded key and secret

Example Curl Command showing how to call the service:

    curl -X POST "https://api-events.datasnap.io/v1.0/events" \
         -H "Authorization: Basic NVowVEtKOEdMWk9SNDBJVTRDQk9FSDc4QjpQREdJYndXMjVDYlVrUlNJcC9PT0IrV25pRER1ZEcvUHUramZqekFFZndR" \
         -H "Content-type: application/json" \
         -d '[
            "event_type": "status_ping",
            "venue_org_id": "6cxA4LkLil6HER9Qsk6rG8",
            "organization_ids": [
            "project_ids": [
    ]' \
         -w %{time_connect}:%{time_starttransfer}:%{time_total} \
         -m 30 \
         -v \

You should get a 201 Created if the ping was successful

4. Next steps

Read the documentation on how you set up your system data hierarchy and check out our libraries to get started. Let us know if you need any help getting going!