Getting Started

Sending data for processing and seeing reports provides you with a complete picture of your proximity driven events (beacon, geofence, wifi, GPS etc) by allowing you to feed any proximity data into the system along with other segmentation such as audience, device etc. We process and analyze the data and provide you with configurable, real time dashboards as well as an analytics API for getting at your data insights. We have several options for you to send data into the system. Contact us to get API keys and to start sending data into the system.

How it Works

Data Sources

You have a ton of data from beacons to geofences to audiences that needs to be pulled together and understood by your team

Sending Data

You send us data directly from your servers or via your app

Data Analysis

The machine goes into action by cleansing & making sense of your data

Getting Results

You get to consume the output via our dashboards or via our API's.


Start sending data to us by using one of our client side or server side libraries

Android Library

IOS Library

Nodejs Library

Java Library

Server Side APIs

Start sending and getting data via our server side API's

Event API

Use this API to send location or campaign events to for analysis and reporting

Entity API

Use this API to send and retrieve entity information out of the system

Analytics API

Use this API to pull processed, analyzed data from our servers